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About CryPeace

I believe there is nothing more powerful than personal stories to build the empathy which nurtures peace. CryPeace seeks to harness the power of stories, while amplifying and sharing them creatively using new media. I am particularly excited by the ways technology transcends the physical and emotional barriers imposed by conflict, helping people envision and embody the peaceful future they dream of.


The beginning: CryRwanda

CryPeace started in 2006 with CryRwanda, a proposal to use the personal stories of people impacted by the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in Rwanda as a means to explore pathways to peace through forgiveness and reconciliation. My dream was to use radio and new media as forces for good, counteracting radio's corruption into a force for evil during the genocide. While CryRwanda was warmly received by individuals and key partners in Rwanda, funding challenges limited it to a website, plus the honour of having my video poem, "Cry," screened at a genocide memorial event in Rwanda.


The evolution: CryPeace

CryRwanda inspired a broader vision of sharing stories and wisdom about peace from around the world. As I traverse the globe as a peace activist, trainer, and vlogger, I ask people what peace means to them, and whether they are experiencing it. Insightful and inspiring responses have been shared by street youth in Uganda, indigenous people in Panama, bikers in Ontario, people living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and beyond. Some of these stories are on CryPeace today; many more will be added in the future. My goal is to raise their voices in the global cry for peace, strengthening battle-weary souls with new energy and hope.

Finding personal peace in suffering is another dimension of peace that pulls me. Having lost both parents to cancer, I have seen the ways terminal illnesses destroy bodies, but sometimes transform souls. I have made personal peace quests to religious and humanitarian communities in Italy, France, and Canada, and write about them here.


The future: What's your cry for peace?

A story is like a seed. It is a humble thing to share with the world, but if you plant another seed by sharing your story, or water others' seeds through your comments, a garden of peace will grow. Please take a few moments to read, share, or respond to a story today.

Beyond sharing people's stories, I want to help change their future stories. I am keenly interested in developing partnerships to do so. Even small gifts of time, talent and treasure will help support this website and nurture new projects. Please contact me to learn more.

Finally, if you work for an organisation and wonder if new communications strategies, training or stories could amplify your own cry for peace, please get in touch.

Peace on your journey.