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Generation for Peace

If we want peace on earth, we have to empower youth as peacebuilders. Are We Together? does just that. This free, proven peace education program teaches universal values and conflict resolution skills in a fun an engaging way. Co-developed by international peacebuilders, it has transformed the lives of over 7,500 youth in 18 schools so far. Let’s build on their success.


The real heroes are the peacebuilders. 


The program was created by the late Canadian peace educator, Marg Huber. Marg collaborated on the curriculum with war orphans from Uganda, incorporating Ugandan folk stories, the African concept of Ubuntu, and universal values, communication and conflict resolution skills. Marg trained the senior members of the African Children's Choir, who trained secondary students peace and conflict resolution. As schools became havens of peace and youth adopted the motto, "the real heroes are the peacebuilders," more and more schools requested the program. In just seven years, the team trained over 7,500 students in 18 schools in the two-year curriculum. The impact was transformative.


Let's raise a generation for peace.


Marg passed her knowledge and curriculum on to CryPeace to teach even more children the skills of peacebuilding. We are developing partnerships to relaunch the curriculum, starting with a pilot in Uganda in 2024. As we document evidence of its impact, our dream is that the Ministry of Education will be interested in adopting it nationally. It is suitable for private schools, churches, mosques, and youth organizations. Everyone is welcome to use this free resource in their own contexts.

It will take the one global family to accomplish this dream, but it has worked before. Let's raise a generation for peace! 


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