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Go Green - Environmental Tips and Products

One of the ways we can be responsible members of the one global family is to limit our impact on the earth. Here are a few tips and products that I use to reduce my environmental footprint.

For the kitchen

Reusable, Compostable Paper Towels

Save trees with these thick, washable and reusable paper towels. When they've served their purpose, you can throw them in the compost bin.

Reduce and reuse: While you're switching over, get the most out of your remaining ordinary paper towels. Rinse can reuse them for kitchen spills, then use them to clean the bathroom (using vinegar, baking soda, or biodegradable soap), then compost them.

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Reusable, Compostable Food Storage Bags

Use these bags many times, then return them to the earth as compost. Freezer-friendly.

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Beeswax Covered Cotton - Nature's Waxed Paper

This pretty, reusable waxed cotton replaces traditional waxed paper. Washable and reusable, it is much more economical and environmentally friendly. I got mine from Mind Your Beeswraps, which is available in numerous Canadian stores or on their website.



Natural Skin Care

Natural, No-waste Soap

Don't pay for plastics and water, add single use plastics to landfills, or cause the carbon emissions of transporting excess materials. Use this natural, just-add-water soap that's as gentle on the earth as your skin. It comes in many formulas for different skin types and needs.

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